I have a really cool idea for a video & want Sketch Post to animate it. How does this work?

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step 1

We will work with you to create an engaging and powerful script (120 words/ minute, e.g. 240 words for a 2 minute video).

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step 2

See your words come to life when we visualise your ideas.

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step 3

Choose from our library of professional voice over talents.

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step 4

Select the best music for your viewers to groove to.

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step 5

We combine all the elements into a rough cut.

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step 6

We will provide the format you need for the final animation!


How long does video production take?

Our animation process takes 4 to 8 weeks depending on length and content complexity.


What is the differences between Pre-Animation & Animation?


· Pre-Animation is a guide animation to check the script and the story flow, to make sure everything is in order.

· We will use a temporary guide VO & music.

· Pre-Animation Video is created with video editing software, and produced in limited detail.

· It serves as a guide for our animator.

· Music selection & VO recording will happen after Pre-Animation approval.


· Animation is the final output, it is created with powerful animation software, so all motion & effects will be added at this stage.

· Final music & professional VO will be included.


I still have questions. May I talk with someone?

We're constantly on the go so email is best. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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